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STARTING summer 2019 we will be mainly posting our news and events, both past and upcoming on our social media pages. Please, follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates.
Students' Achievements

CONGRATULATIONS to Melomania students Aicha and Boris for passing Grade 1 ABRSM piano practice exam with distinction (the highest award achievable), and to Melomania student Tharini for passing Grade 2 Theory exam also with distinction. 

Keep up the good work!!!

These are the only students that participated in the ABRSM exam this past fall, and they all achieved the highest scores. 

Thank you for setting up a good example for many more of our students to follow! 

Boris and Aicha represented our school at the ABRSM high scorers' recital on January 26th, showing great technique, composure, and artistry! We are proud of you, guys!


In November and December we gave thanks to music and art. We celebrated the end of 2018 with a bash. Games, treats, and prizes... and the opportunity to share talent with the others. Lots of our students proved that working on their artistic skills is not only hard work in a practice room and at home, it's also lots of fun. They showed that they enjoy the process as well, not just the result. 


We are a pet-friendly studio, and as such we have our very own pet mascots - two singing (well, one singing and one looking sassy) society finches Lady Gaga and Ringo Star. This month they decided to bring in some new members into their band. They laid 6 eggs, out of which 3 hatched and are now turning into beautiful babies. Students and teachers alike have enjoyed following the process of new life creation in the atmosphere of art and creativity. Yes, music and art teach respect for any form of life, no wonder the words 'creativity' and 'creation' share one root.

Open Mic at Rivermill Bakery

School year started with our very own talent show-off at a local bakery. We can't be proud enough of each student that came to perform in a fun, non-stressful environment, where the elation of the performers and the joy of listeners was sweetened by amazing artisanal pastries.


Second Russian Camp

On the wavelength of our success with the first Russian Camp we repeated the camp with different repertoire. We had a lot of fun working on the Russian diction, singing long-forgotten-in-the-United-States songs, and creating our own props and set.

For our final performance we used elements of straight theater, musical theater, puppetry, and shadow theater.

Art Camp

We had a blast at our Art Camp this month led by our wonderful art teacher Tory Daniel. The theme was 'Pets in Art'. Not only did we invite real pet models into the studio for our various art projects, but younger kids enjoyed meeting and handling some of the most exotic pets, learning fun facts about them, their peculiar features, and how to care for those pets. Our campers left with a portfolio of fluffy Chinchillas and Gerbils in watercolor, a sketched Conure, who likes to make nests in people's hair, a drawing of a really cool and moody Chameleon named Tattoo (yes, we found out he likes to pop bubbles too); we got ourselves a Bunny mascot for a day with rockstar hair, and a Rat named Susie, who likes to play the guitar. A couple of Guinea Pigs were cuddly and lovable, and we even found a new family for an orphaned Kitten. We built team spirit by playing various team games, and there was an unusual sculpting project that all the kids shined in. We are looking forward to repeating this camp with a new twist next year, or maybe even sooner ;-)


IMG_4589 2.JPG
Art Classes

August marks the launch of two of our art courses: Intro to Drawing and Intro to Painting. The students are enjoying learning new techniques and exploring their creativity under the guidance of our mega talented art teacher Tory Daniel. They will present their portfolios at the end of each course.

Our First Russian Camp

We have successfully completed our first ever Russian-speaking camp!

Students' ages ranged from 4.5 y/o to 8.5 y/o. The camp was focused on singing, music, and acting. We learned some music theory, played acting games, worked on Russian diction, prepared our own costumes, staged Russian songs, we had a master-class in violin, an introductory marshal arts class, had lots of musical competitions, quests and games, and everything culminated with a fiery performance of staged songs. We are planning on repeating the camp at the end of July for those of you who missed this opportunity the first time. 

Up in Cumming Magazine and Summer Camps

We have joined The Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce, and our ribbon cutting event is in the June issue of the Up in Cumming magazine along with our ad for summer music and art camps.

These are not your usual daycare camps, where the only goal is to entertain kids and keep them busy. We offer professional services, where students are involved in an intensive music or art program, taught by professional musicians and artists.  There is a presentation at the end of each camp week. Join our fun and educational programs! 

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