Our Team

OLGA, piano

Belorussian concert pianist, Olga, studied piano at the Belorussian Music Conservatory and the Academy of Music in Minsk, Belarus. She worked as an accompanist at Augusta State University and taught piano to the ASU Conservatory Program students from 2002 to 2007. Since then, she has worked as an accompanist at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, in addition to working as a piano instructor in the metro Atlanta area. Olga has had numerous students placing in local and national competitions. 
Olga is excited to join Melomania team as a piano instructor, specializing in preparation for auditions, competitions, and the ABRSM exam. 

To book a trial lesson with Olga, please contact Melomania office Or click here to book online:

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DAVID, guitar, ukulele, violin, piano, recording and sound engineering

David is Adjunct Faculty of Audio Production Engineering at Pellissippi State

Community College. He is a classically trained musician and audio engineer with a B.Mu. in

Music Technology (Recording/Production) from Georgia State University School of Music and Certificate in Guitar from Berklee College of Music. His primary teachers include Seva David Louis Ball and Dr. Robert Scott Thompson.

Highlighted technician encounters during his career include artists from the Atlanta

Symphony/Chorus, Katie Noel, Carmen Bradford, Russ, T-Pain, Hawthorne Heights, and more.

As a performing guitarist, he has toured the nation and was selected for the 2013 classical guitar master class with Maestro Pepe Romero from the Royal Guitar Family. He’s had former music students accepted into college music programs and currently maintains a full-time instrument teaching studio.

His current research interests include intersections between equal temperament music theory and analog/digital signal transducer technologies. Prior to his appointment at Pellissippi, David served as an audio software instructional staff in the Instructional Design department at Georgia State University and audio-visual technician in the School of Music. He’s taught applied music at private schools, various music academies, and is a recipient of the Bill Lowery Endowed Music Industry Scholarship.

To book a trial lesson with David, please contact Melomania office Or click here to book online:

WILLIAM, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, voice, piano, composition

William is a composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. A former touring bass guitarist and backing vocalist for the Nashville label Carnival Music and Recording Company, William later studied classical composition and voice at Georgia State University, where he was president of The Society of Composers for two years. He now teaches in Metro Atlanta, offering lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and composition.

TIMOTHY, drums, woodwind and brass instruments

Timothy is an accomplished musician who earned his Music Performance degree from Jackson University. While attending Jackson State, Timothy actively participated in various ensembles. These ensembles included The Jackson State "Sonic Boom" marching band, Percussion Ensemble, Concert and Symphonic Band, and the JSU Jazz Ensemble. After attending Jackson State, he continued his education at The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, where he completed the Institute’s intense drumming program, studying under Craig Harber and Tom Knight. Timothy is proficient in all percussion instruments and drum set styles.  He also teaches woodwind and brass instruments.  Many of his students have become 1st chair of their respective sections, and are currently professional working musicians.

Anna Kate, Visual Arts

My name is Anna Kate, and I am an acrylic painter. I will graduate from the University of North Georgia in December of 2021 and look forward to pursuing my goal of teaching art. I draw my inspiration from flowers, song lyrics, and events in my own life. I love experimenting with mixed media in addition to acrylic paints. A big influence has been my own battle with anxiety and how it makes me view life. I realize now that even my darkest moments I still have a God who not only made me to love out a purpose but one to share with others. Painting is how I achieve sharing my joy, hope, and life with anyone who is willing to be encouraged by it.

TORY, visual arts

Tory is a student at the University of North Georgia. She is working towards a bachelor’s degree in art education with a focus on Ceramics. She has worked at many of the local Forsyth county childcare facilities and interned at many local Forsyth County Schools. She has competed in art exhibitions and sells art work at local festivals. Since 2014, Tory has worked with students from infants to Middle school age and has had experience with special education students. She believes all students truly need are the right tools, encouragement, and space to succeed in anything they try. Art is not something you are born with, it is something that you can learn just like anything else. Tory works with Acrylic paint, Charcoal, Pastels, Graphite, Colored pencils, Water colors, Ceramics, sculpture, and mixed media. To book a private session with Tory or to enquire about our group art courses please call us at 6789822542 or email us at info@melomaniastudio.com.

LENA, voice, piano, Russian school, acting for singers

My name is Lena and I am the owner of Melomania. My formal creative journey began at the age of 6. I was lucky to have been accepted to an unusual secondary school in Russia. Why was it unusual?  Because arts were integrated into the school’s curriculum from grade 1 to grade 11. Along with the regular math, literature, language arts, etc. we had art, choreography, music, and theater as obligatory subjects, not just short-term electives, all through the 11 years of studies. Pretty unusual even nowadays, when arts are often neglected in school programs.

At that time, I also attended music school 5 times a week, studying all aspects of music (literature, theory, chorus, solfege), as well as my primary instrument - piano. I still remember the incomparable feeling of elation when performing at school concerts or taking part in competitions. Music and art education gave all of us that sense of being special, a sense of belongingness to an elite club, and it made our lives so much fuller.

I am mentioning all this, because my ultimate dream is to open a school with a similar program here in the United States. It’s a pity that by cutting out art subjects, school officials often forget that arts develop creativity, critical thinking, social skills, teach discipline; and multiple studies have shown that learning an instrument develops parts of the brain that are normally not engaged in any other type of learning, hence performance in other subjects and areas of life improves. That’s why I started the journey towards my dream by forming Melomania, the safe and nurturing creativity zone for all ages.

Early music education gave me a solid background to continue my studies at institutions of higher education both in Russia and in the United States. In Russia I studied in the vocal studio of Raisa Yermolayeva and later in the studio of Valentina Anokhina at the Samara Academy of Arts and Culture.  Family matters brought me to the United States, and to continue my studies I entered Georgia State University (the studio of fabulous Magdalena Moulson), which I graduated from with a degree in vocal performance Summa Cum Laude.

I have attended numerous professional development programs and master-classes in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain, having worked with some of the most prominent operatic figures in the world, such as Montserrat Caballé, Christa Ludwig, Olga Mykitenko, Janet Williams, Mary Mills, Graciela Araya, Thomas Moser, Karan Armstrong, Edda Moser, Nora Amsellem. I find it important to mention all my even short-term teachers even though for the majority those names don’t mean anything, because I took something that spoke true to me from each and every one of them. I possess an abundance of tools that define me as an artist and a teacher that I am today, and for that I feel grateful to all those teachers.

Throughout my musical education and career, I have been a member of numerous choruses, often performing as a soloist, and touring around Europe with the Russian choral ensemble Vivat. I have also performed different operatic roles in concert on several European stages, and I have been a winner at competitions.

For the past 5 years I have been actively teaching voice and piano in the Atlanta area, having achieved great results through careful selection of approaches in each individual case.

I also hold a degree in Linguistics and Pedagogy from Samara State University in Russia. Studying pedagogy at a professional level gave me a deeper insight into the pedagogy of teaching music and helped me develop my own methods of teaching.  After completing my studies there, I worked as a professor of Linguistics at International Market Institute in Samara, at the same time studying classical singing for my second degree.

One of my interests has always been theater. During my first year at Samara State University I won a rigorous competition and got a scholarship to study at one of the best teacher’s colleges in the Midwest, University of Northern Iowa, where I studied Creative Drama. My inspiration was the work of the theater professor there Gretta Berghammer, who to date is one of the activists that brings theater education to children with autism. If you are interested in her work, you can further Google her 😊 I later wrote a thesis on Creative Drama and its implementation in the classroom for my pedagogy degree. Needless to say, I have successfully used elements of drama in my teaching career.

While studying at SSU, I was a member of a drama troupe (straight theater) led by a dramatic actor, and I performed in plays and sketches produced by the troupe. After moving to Atlanta, I’ve done a lot of work as an extra in movies and TV shows, I wanted to observe the process of movie production from the inside. I played a zombie on The Walking Dead, appeared in Disney movies, Tyler Perry shows, The Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence, Flight with Denzel Washington, The Watch with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn among numerous others, and I was even featured as a back vocalist in the Korean comedy drama called Papa.

I am excited to share all this experience with the Forsyth county community, and help our future generation develop their creativity skills, as well as maybe help some adults rediscover and reignite their love for music and arts. Remember, it’s never too early or too late to learn.

To book a trial voice or piano lesson with Lena or to inquire about our group class programs for acting or Russian school, please contact Melomania office. You can also click here to book a trial voice or piano lesson:

Nike, Visual Arts

I come from a family of artists from the Republic of Georgia in Europe. I grew up surrounded by art and was introduced to painting at an early age. I love traveling and visiting museums and am interested in art history. This year I am studying at Kennesaw State University. This upcoming fall I will attend the Savannah College of Art and Design for painting. My hobbies include fashion design, trying new crafts, and cooking.


Course: I want to introduce different techniques in creating with water based paints and pencils. I will teach the basics of art in order to provide a foundation in which the students will improve their skills through a variety of activities. I will also introduce some great artists to explain the history and culture surrounding art, as well as ways for students to expand their individuality through their works.