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Here at Melomania Music and Arts Studio we offer lessons in different musical instruments (piano, guitar, voice, violin, and more), as well as acting, musical theater, and art classes. We have programs suited for various budgets and interests. The word Melomania means “an abnormal passion for music”, although we have expanded that meaning to include other forms of art. Through unique projects and methods of teaching we are here to ignite that passion in anybody who is willing to open their hearts and let their favorite form of art be their best friend, their confidant that lights their way to success in anything they choose to do in life. We believe there is no life without arts. That’s why we invite students of all ages to come in and experience the creativity process that will enrich their lives with a multitude of bright sounds, colors, and emotions.

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Proud members of Music Teachers National Association


We are taking extra steps to ensure the safest environment possible, and have set up certain rules to follow by the students!

We are also offering some lessons during early afternoon hours!

Please, call or text 6789822542 for more details or to sign up,

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After school programs!

 The start of a new school year is always a great time to consider picking up something new or coming back to an old hobby for your child's extra-curricular activities or for the adults to escape the routine. Even if you are not expecting your child to choose music or art as a profession, exposing them to arts education will enhance their brain, character, and overall perception of the world on a level that no other subject or activity will It will open up their creative potential, will teach them discipline and kindness!

We offer fun, educational, and enriching programs with professionals in the field of arts that will guide them to whatever goal they have.



Monday-Friday 11am-9pm

Saturday 10:00am-2:30 pm


Camp Session Hours

Monday-Friday 9am - 3pm




2360 Bethelview Rd #104, Cumming, GA 30040

Tel: 678-982-2542

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